How to play PUBG Lite on PC from any country

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Worry no more if PUBG Lite is not available in your country or you cannot access it for any reason as this detailed guide will help you play your favorite game no matter what your true location is.

Update: The gaming firm terminated the PUBG Lite service on Marth 30, 2021, meaning new downloads are no longer available. New users who never downloaded it before won’t be able to play the game on PC now. Since the service itself has been terminated, for such readers, our this guide now only serves to provide information about PUBG Lite that users loved. We’ll update you here if the situation changes for this.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an engaging, creative, and top-rated game that has exploded worldwide. The game is available both on mobile, consoles, PC, and in fact, it is platform-independent. Its dramatic rise to fame was epic, and everything happened very suddenly.

Fanatics of the game call it several names such as Battlegrounds, PUGB, Chicken Soup, Plunkbat, Player Unknown, etc. The owner created it with the Battle Royalle concept, and similar games include the Hunger games alongside King of the Kill.

At the beginning of the game (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), the players would be released from a flight into an Island to fight for survival. They would scramble for weapons, covers, and the last man standing becomes the winner.

You would need to use weapons of various types to kill your opponent, who may come in solo or in groups. You must avoid danger and employ any means of survival else others will kill you.

What is the Lite version about?

Why is it blocked in other countries

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground Lite (PUBG Lite) is different from the full version of PUGB. The Lite version is almost as famous and attractive as the Full version. The significant difference between both is the graphics quality and maps.

As its name suggests, the Lite version is designed for PCs with lower specifications as it has lower graphics and memory requirements. Player Unknown Battle Ground Lite, just like the full version, is a multi-shooter video game that has the same attributes as the PUGB original.

Unfortunately, the battle royale video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Lite is not available in every region. That is because of two reasons:

  1. Because developers have put some countries under the beta testing program for now.
  2. And secondly, the rest use geo-blocking technology to restrict access to PUBG from their territories.

Here is a list of countries where PUBG Lite is either not available officially or banned:

  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • The United States of America
  • Japan
  • France
  • Iran
  • Australia
  • Germany
  • France
  • And the rest of Europe

The ban on battle royale video game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Lite interferes with personal freedoms. There seems to be no adequate justification for why many nations implemented a ban. While the makers might release the game in banned countries at some point in the future, no date is confirmed for now.

Let alone the expansion, after its July 2019 expansion announcement, where it expanded the beta launch of PUBG Lite in India, Pakistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka, PUBG corporation has not even shown any intent to release PUBG Lite in more countries.

And as noted a bit earlier, the problem is not only PUBG not making the Lite version available to all the countries. Authorities tend to keep blocking it now and then (the geo-blocking), too. For example, however, PUBG Lite is officially available in India, but the government banned it on September 2, 2020.

In which countries is PUBG PC Lite available?

PUBG is banned in some countries, whereas it has unrestricted access to other countries. PUBG Lite is a free version and is currently available in over 50 countries across the world. Here is a list of some:

South AsiaThe Middle East and North AfricaNorth / Latin America  
Bhutan  The Syrian Arab Republic  Saint Lucia  
BangladeshSaudi Arabia  Grenada  
Sri Lanka  Yemen  Peru  
Maldives  Egypt  Puerto Rico  
 United Arab Emirates  Nicaragua  
 Israel  Martinique  
 Tunisia  Dominican Republic  
 Morocco  Suriname  
 Qatar  Paraguay  
 Jordan  Uruguay  
 Lebanon  Trinidad and Tobago  
 Iraq  Virgin Islands  
 Oman  Venezuela  
 Kuwait  Cayman Islands  
 Algeria  Bolivia  
 Azerbaijan  Argentina  
 AfghanistanSaint Kitts and Nevis  
  French Guiana  
  Antigua and Barbuda  
  Costa Rica  
  El Salvador  
  French Guinea  

Getting PUBG Lite on PC from any country

You sit down at the comfort of your home and want to play PUBG, but you receive an error message informing you that you cannot access the game. So why and how are you blocked? As noted above, you are blocked through geo-blocking, which limits your access on the internet based on your physical location.

You can install PUBG Lite on a PC in areas of restricted access through the use of a Virtual private network (VPN). We will tell you how, step-by-step. But let’s understand the geo-restriction concept a bit further first.

How does Geo-blocking work?

ISPs populate databases to map the internet protocol of websites and services around the world. They use these databases to form the basis for geo-blocks. Every computer on the internet is assigned a unique IP address (Internet protocol).

It is usually in numerical digits, e.g., Whenever your PC requests on the internet, the receiving server would determine the location of the IP and then carry out the block. Your internet service provider allocates your internet protocol addresses. The ISP also flags the IP address of all restricted contents.

When your PC sends a request for a service, the ISP would determine if the service is flagged or not. If it is, you will not gain access. That is how Player Unknown is blocked in some countries. And as you are here, that situation more likely relates to you. But worry no more as below, we provide you with a workaround to it without any further ado right below, in detail.

How to get around geo-block and install PUBG Lite on PC

The easiest, most efficient, and fastest way of bypassing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ geo-block is through the use of a VPN. A Virtual Private Network, mostly known as VPN, is a service that routes your internet traffic through a server located in an unblocked region.

VPNs have proven to be very secure and reliable in bypassing geo-restrictions. Many people around the world turn to a VPN service whenever they feel deprived of the internet. That is because virtual private networks are a notoriously fierce tool used in accessing geo-blocked content.

Governments around the world have increasingly censored content and imposed a lot of unfair regulations, which is depriving people of accessing the content they love.

VPN allows for a safe passage for your internet traffic and also secures your online activities. It assigns you a different country IP address and helps you establish a secure connection to the website you visit. Furthermore, a VPN can stop your ISP from throttling your Internet, protects you against intrusive cookies, and keeps you anonymous on the internet.

Which is the best VPN for unblocking PUBG?

Getting your hands on a quality VPN is the very first step towards playing PUBG Lite where it’s blocked. There are lots of VPNs out there on the Internet, but not all can bypass PUBG Lite geo-blocks. Some VPNs out there would reduce your connection speed, which means you won’t have a good gaming experience.

Our extensive testing and research made us conclude that ExpressVPN is the best VPN service you can find on the internet to unblock PUBG. We were able to form this opinion because the provider worked seamlessly with PUBG all the time compared to ten different (all premium) VPNs we tested with PUBG.

ExpressVPN has lightning-fast servers in more than 90 countries that are spread along in 164 different locations, which makes it ideal for unblocking PUBG Lite around the world. The provider also offers a 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, which tells a lot about their efficiency.

ExpressVPN will encrypt your internet traffic and provide an added layer of protection while enabling you to access PUGB Lite.

Anyone can use ExpressVPN because of its user-friendliness across all platforms. The service can let you escape geo-blocks, whether on the go, at home, in the office, or traveling.

Of course, ExpressVPN is not the only VPN that works well with PUBG, but it won the race as a whole during our extensive testing. Other top VPNs such as SurfShark, IPVanish, and NordVPN work well with PUBG, too, but our number one recommendation is ExpressVPN.

Practically, all the premium VPN providers stayed neck to neck during our research and test, but speed was one aspect where no other service impressed us more than ExpressVPN.

Speed is a paramount aspect of a VPN, and this is where ExpressVPN separates itself from not only mediocre VPNs but also quality service providers in the industry. You wouldn’t like it if your connection is slow, and you can’t enjoy your game or other online activities. Express VPN is stable, secure, and fast.

How to configure ExpressVPN

So knowing the fact that configuring your VPN is the very first step towards playing PUBG Lite PC in any country you want, plus, making your mind that ExpressVPN is the best PUBG Lite VPN, it’s time to configure it.

  • Navigate to the ExpressVPN website if you do not have an account already and click on “Get ExpressVPN” button.
Signing up with ExpressVPN to play PUBG Lite
(ExpressVPN Website)
  • Select any package you like; we recommend going with a 1-month subscription to start. You can always upgrade if you are happy with the service.
How to play PUBG Lite (7)-min
  • After signing up, you would receive a welcome email containing your activation code (also referred to as verification code). Open the email and click on “Set Up ExpressVPN.”
  • You can also sign in directly to yourExpressVPN account with your user name and password you had set while signing up.
  • Enter the verification code you received in your email.
  • Download the ExpressVPN app from your dashboard and copy your activation code.
  • Double click on the downloaded installer package to begin installation and wait until the process gets completed.
  • Click on the sign-in button and paste the already copied activation code when prompted. You can also go back to your dashboard to recopy the activation code. Either press Ctrl+V or right-click to paste the activation code and click on continue.
  • Connect to a server in a country where PUBG is not restricted. Some of the PUBG-friendly servers you can connect to include Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Once connected to the VPN, you need to change your computer timezone to match the region of the VPN server you connected to. It is not necessary always but helps to avoid any possible errors down the line.

How do I change the region on my PUBG Lite PC?

Although if you went with our recommendation, ExpressVPN, it would automatically change your time zone to the server country you connected to. Still, it is better to adjust them in your PC manually, too. Especially if you’re using another VPN that does not automatically change your time zone.

You can change the time zone on your PC in multiple ways, but below we will show you the most comfortable way around it.

  • Go to your start menu and open settings
Change PC time zone for PUBG Lite
  • Select Time and Languages
How to play PUBG Lite (3)-min
  • Select Date and Time

How to play PUBG Lite (4)-min
  • Use the Time Zone Drop down to change your time zone to a country where PUBG is not restricted (ideally to the country of the VPN server you selected).
  • Turn off the “Set Time automatically” button and click on change. That is it.
How to play PUBG Lite (5)-min

System requirements to Install PUBG

Now that you have got an active VPN connection alongside updating your PC time, it is time to move to make sure your PC stands tall with PUBG Lite system requirements.

PUBG Lite requires a lower system requirement to run because the graphics quality is lower than the full version. Continue reading to know the basic and recommended system requirements:

The minimum system requirements needed to run PUBG Lite are:

  • Operating system: 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7
  • System processor: Intel Core i3 or its AMD equivalent
  • RAM (Random Access Memory): 4GB
  • Storage: 4GB free storage
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): DirectX 11, HD Graphics 4000 (Intel)
  • Network speed: Broadband internet connection

Recommended system specification:

The players can still enjoy PUBG Lite with the minimum system specification, but an upgrade would give you a better experience.

  • Operating System: 64-bit Windows 10, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1
  • Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-4430 or its AMD equivalent.
  • RAM memory: 8 or 16 GB
  • Display Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 (2GB) / AMD Radeon R7 370 (2GB)
  • DirectX Version: Minimum 11
  • Internet speed: Broadband connection works here, too
  • Storage: At least 6 GB of free space

It is time to start your adventure with PUBG Lite on PC

Okay, now we have reached the sweet spot of this detailed guide on how to play PUBG Lite on PC from any country. Double-check the following three things, and then we could move towards the steps to get the PUBG Lite adventure up and running:

  1. You have your VPN connected (ideally using Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, or Indonesia server)
  2. You already changed your system time to a country where PUBG Lite is available (simply change your date/region to any of the countries mentioned above that we suggested for VPN connection)
  3. Your computer meets the minimum system requirements of PUBG Lite

Note: You do not need your VPN connected to download PUBG Lite in any region, you can access the site fine anywhere. But you must connect to your VPN alongside updating your time and region to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia (or any other country where PUBG Lite is available) immediately after PUBG installation gets done. As you have to do it as a must, either way, we suggest keeping a VPN connection on upfront. It is always good to be prepared in advance.

All good there? Cool. The slay time is about to begin. Follow the following ten easy steps now to start slaying your PUBG opponents:

Step 1. Create a PUGB account if you do not have one already. You would not be able to play the game without creating an account. To register your account, visit the PUBG global page. You will need to do basic stuff like filling in your email, password, username, date of birth, and confirm your password there.

Registering for PUBG account

Step 2. Select the “Check All” box to agree to the terms of service and newsletter signup, and click on “Continue.”

PUBG account creation agreeing to the terms of service and policy step

Step 3. You now would be required to verify your email.

PUBG requires you to confirm your email for account creation

Step 4 . Go to your email and verify your account.

Confirm PUBG email for account setup

Step 5. Click “Confirm” to complete your registration.

PUBG global account created successfully

Step 6. Click on the “Login” button to get into your account where you will find a link to download PUBG Lite.

How to play PUBG Lite (12)-min

Step 7. You can also navigate to the PUBH Lite URL (terminated now) directly and download the file.

Download PUBG Lite game file

Here you will get some recommendations from the game. Those include installing the latest version of .Net Framework, Microsoft Visual C++ Exe, or Direct X 11 if you can’t download the file. Fortunately, you can find all these programs on the PUBG dashboard.

PUBG Lite extra computer programs suggestion

You can also download drivers for your PC if you see any is missing as it can prevent your game and applications from downloading or executing correctly. The drivers are below the PUBG dashboard.

PUBG lets users download popular drivers

Step 8. After you click on Download in step 8, the game set up would get downloaded to your system. Locate and double click on it to begin installation.

PUBG Lite installation

Step 9. Restart the Launcher after your installation is complete and log into your account again.

How to play PUBG Lite (2)-min

Step 10. Download additional Player Unknown Battle Ground Contents / Files.

When you sign in to the application, you would see another screen. Click on the “Start” button located at the bottom left corner of your PUBG Lite dashboard.

More files start downloading to your PC when you click on the start button. These additional files are going to be a little over 2.5GB. So ensure there is adequate storage space on your PC. Also, ensure you stay connected to the internet and your VPN is running before you start.

Please note your PUBG windows would close if you get disconnected from the internet or your VPN is not connected. Click on the start button after the launcher is done downloading the additional files. That’s all, and you can now enjoy PUBG Lite on your PC.

Game interface

PUBG Lite PC interface
Multiple Games Modes of PUBG Lite: Solo, Duo, Squad, 1-Man-Squad
How to play PUBG Lite interface

How it begins

At the beginning of the game, everyone starts without a single fighting weapon. Each player must find weapons in buildings after skydiving from a plane into an island. You can find weapons such as ammo, guns, grenades, and even first aid kits. If you are lucky and experienced, you may find a handy weapon such as a long-range rifle, shotgun, and an excellent scope.

The type of weapon you have should determine the kind of attack you could carry out. Some weapons would allow you to hunt other players; some would let you lay ambush and wait for people. You take them out, unaware as they come closer. But you should know that going for hunting exposes you to more danger. Generally, like old-time wars, hiding and laying ambush is the best strategy.

Hunting other players require more precision, alertness, and accuracy. Hunting can also expose you to long-range shots from snipers, especially when you are in an open field. That doesn’t mean that you should hide until the last lap of the game. It is better to hide away, move when you need to, and attack when you need to.

Also, know exactly where you are heading to, know where other players may be coming from, and know your most significant strengths. Use your weapons and everything around you to your advantage, because it is the survival of the smartest.

Finally, it is essential to know that more players focus on regions where there are a larger number of buildings. Also, you should be more careful in areas where there is a single road from a group of buildings. Avoid such roads or simply lay ambush there.

How to play PUBG Mobile Lite on PC

Looking for a solution on PUBG Mobile PC? No problem. Follow the process below to watch the light version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) mobile on your computer:

  1. Install BlueStacks software on your PC
  2. Sign in to your Google account to access the Play Store
  3. Search for “PUBG Mobile Lite” there in the search bar located at the top-right corner
  4. Install the original game from the search results, the one you see being offered by “Tencent Games
  5. Locate the PUBG MOBILE LITE icon on your mobile home screen, click on it and it should open. That’s it you are all set to start playing.

Good luck with setting new solo and squad kills records!

The best strategy to win in PUGB Lite PC

There are two significant ways you can win in PUGB. Number one is, hide until some of the players have eliminated themselves, and you come out when it’s the best time to strike. The second method is to go toe to toe on a rampaging killing spree.

Going on a rampaging spree can win you more rewards when the game is over. But it would help if you opted for the tactics that best suit your style of play. This is because the additional reward you get when you go on a rampaging killing spree is negligible. The ultimate goal is to win the game no matter in whichever way.

Would a free VPN for PUBG work?

There are tons of free VPNs on the Internet, but most of them are not reliable. They cannot bypass advanced geo-blocking, and most of the free VPN comes with hidden danger.

They promise to offer protection and bypassing geo-blocks like the premium VPNs but do they do that? No, they don’t, and here are some of the disadvantages of Free VPN’s you would love to learn about.

Free VPN Log and sell users’ data

Anything you get free, you pay for it in another way. Most of the free VPNs out there on the internet would log and sell your data. Since they do not receive money from the users, they find other ways of making money.

They are meant to protect your privacy, but they end up intruding into your privacy and sell your personal information, which can be devastating. Information such as browsing history, search preferences, location, etc. are logged and sold to advertisement companies. They don’t openly tell users of this act because it violates their privacy policy, but this is what happens behind the scene.

Fail to bypass aggressive geo-blocking

Most of the free VPN cannot bypass geo-blocks, which implies that you would not be able to access your favorite contents. Note that geo-Blocking technologies come with anti-VPN systems, and IPs that are connected to free VPNs can be easily be tracked down and blocked.

Bad user experience

They don’t collect money from you, so they find multiple ways to make money. Free VPNs would bombard your browser with ads and ruin your experience while playing PUBG or browsing the internet.

The advertisement has become a massive activity on the Internet, and most of the free VPN services make money through boring and intrusive ads. Furthermore, you should also know that ads come with thousands of invasive and dangerous cookie tracking. Cookies can compromise your privacy and expose your data to the outside world.

Free VPNs don’t have native servers

Most of the free VPNs make use of third-party servers, and still, they even don’t have servers in multiple locations. This means you would have limited server locations to connect to.

Other companies own the servers they use as free VPN providers rent them. Your data can be collected by third-party companies and handed over to the Government or agencies such as the infamous joint-surveillance PRISM program.

They do not also respect your privacy, and you can never tell who is spying on you. You do not need to risk your information’s with a free VPN service. The cons of free VPNs far outweigh the pros.


Speed is one of the most critical factors to consider while deploying a VPN. Most of the free VPN services would drastically reduce your speed and negatively impact your PUBG playing and browsing experience.

Your streaming and downloading sessions would be time-wasting and frustrating when you use a free VPN. Let alone for a game like PUBG; free VPNs are a big no even if you wish to have an enjoyable internet surfing session.

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground title and reward

The game pits as much as a hundred (100) people against each other. Some are alone, while others fight in teams. The epic game ends when there’s a “last man” standing who would proceed to win the covetous prize of a chicken meal.

The eventual winner in PUBG gets the “Winner Winner chicken title.” Aside from the title and the chicken meal, the winner would also receive currency which he/she can use to purchase items such as cosmetics in the game.

The design, simplicity, and sophistication of the game are outstanding. Also, there’s a thrilling zombie-focused mode in PUBG. The game is an absolute success, but unfortunately, it isn’t available in every part of the world. Have you been worried about the restriction in your country? Have you been seeking for ways of playing PUBG in a restricted territory?

Of course, from today onward you should need not to look further because you already learned how to play PUBG Light from any part of the world and become a champion.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds weapon guides

This section will give you a detailed guide if you are looking for help with PUBG weapons. These pointers would give you a tip on how to survive better the onslaught of 99 others struggling to survive.

PlayerUnknown's Batlegrounds weapon guides

The best guns that can help you survive in PUBG

While scavenging for weapons, you should search for proven weapons. There are many weapons you can lay your hands on; however, the best guns to pick out are the ones that can help you shoot from range.

There are shotguns, sniper rifles that can shoot from a far distance. Here are the top guns to opt for in PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

  • MG3 LMG: This Gun is an absolute powerhouse and can target even an enemy’s vehicle. You can use it to assault troops as it is capable of 990 / 660 RPM. It has about 75 round magazines, which give you plenty of opportunities to take out a large army.
  • AKM: The AKM is your best option if you are a master in single shots. Among all the weapons, the AKM does tremendous single-shot damage, and it is outstanding for any player that is a specialist in headshots.
  • Decoy Grenade: The decoy grenade is a relatively new addition to PUBG Lite weapons. It is throwable, and it imitates gunfire sound, which would cause your opponents to hide or take cover while you find your way. It lasts for a few seconds, but the idea behind this weapon is to make your enemies hide while you break away or take cover. A nice trick, isn’t it?
  • SCAR-L: This gun is extremely diverse and can serve a range of purposes. It is most effective in close to medium coverage and extremely lethal in killing groups of enemies. It can carry out both single and auto fire, making it one of the deadliest and fun weapons to use.
  • S686: This double-barreled S686 is the ultimate weapon for hitting enemies at close range. But it is not good at taking out a group of people. This weapon can be a real asset for your survival if you are confident and skilled.
  • S12K: This gun is the best weapon you can use if you are in an urban area. It’s a shotgun that has a rapid rate of fire and extremely good at causing significant damage.
  • M416 Assault Rifles: Not too many rifles can beat the M416 when it comes to efficiency and potency. It can cause a lot of damage. Also, it is easy to control, which is fantastic for those who like to spray. Moreover, the M416 assault rifle is impressive at the range. If your strategy is to lay an ambush, then the M16A4 is your best bet. It is one of the best sniper guns with a scope range of 8X.

Other good Guns to opt for

  • AWM
  • SKS
  • Mini 14
  • Kar98K
  • P18C

Final notes

PUBG, a game that was created with inspiration from the 2000 Japanese film Battle Royalle, has become creative artistry in the gaming world. It has become so popular around the world, but unfortunately, some countries have deployed geo-blocking technology to restrict access to it.

Therefore you would need a VPN to help you bypass geo-blocking and play the game from anywhere around the world. A good VPN service would provide you with all you need concerning speed and security alongside PUBG Lite unblocked.

Furthermore, a reputable VPN service like ExpressVPN would significantly reduce your lag and enhance your chances of survival.

Remember that you would need to alter your time zone to the country where PUBG is not restricted. But some premium VPN such as ExpressVPN would automatically adjust your time zone. Go ahead and Play PUBG Lite on PC anywhere worldwide. Have a heavy-blast with PUBG lite. It is slay time.


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