How to watch IMDb TV from anywhere in the world

Ruheni Mathenge Last updated: June 1, 2022

Take IMDb TV with you wherever you go in the world!

Earlier, various websites used to compete on the internet to become the world’s premier film database. But then, the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) appeared and quickly drove everybody else out of business. Since then, IMDb has been the Wikipedia of movies. Whereas its streaming service, IMDb TV, enjoys a huge customer base in and outside the US.

However, due to content restrictions, this global customer base can’t enjoy watching their desired media on IMDb TV. Sound disappointing? Don’t worry. Read along to learn how to unblock and watch IMDb TV outside the US with a VPN.

How to watch IMDb from anywhere quickly

If you’re in a hurry and need to get the beef quickly, here’s the quick guide to unlock IMDb’s streaming service from any location in the world:

  1. Get a VPN account. If you’re still undecided, pick NordVPN. The high speeds in this network will give you an excellent, buffering-less viewing experience, along with many other exciting features.
  2. Launch your connection to the VPN. This is when you choose a server in the network, so make sure to pick one in the UK or the US. This is the crucial step for unlocking IMDb content.
  3. Point your browser to the IMDb TV website, login, and start watching your favorite series and movies to your heart’s content!

How can a VPN help you enjoy IMDb TV wherever you are?

Mainly because of licensing and copyright issues, almost every video platform on the internet has geo-blocks in place for the content they offer. So, expectedly, IMDb TV also typically streams only to UK and US users and not anywhere outside these regions.

Nonetheless, VPNs can help you bypass geo-blocks, thus granting you the access you want to IMDb TV as if you were in one of the allowed countries.

Here’s how a VPN works: you pick a server on your VPN’s network and connect to it. All your traffic will go through the VPN server from that moment. The VPN encrypts all of your incoming and outgoing traffic. And it shows the world an IP address assigned to you by the server. As a result, whenever you connect to a website, it sees the VPN’s IP as yours. And that IP address will belong to the country in which your chosen server is.

To see IMDb TV videos in your specific case, you’d need to pick a server from the US or the UK. So then, your server connects you to the Amazon website hosting the content. (Or, if you’re using an app, it will go through the VPN server as well). Then, Amazon will see your connection as originating from the US or the UK, depending on your server, and will give you full access to its video catalog.

That’s how the VPN performs the “magic” that will get you all the IMDb content you want to see from wherever you are.

The best VPN providers to watch IMDb TV in 2022

1. NordVPN


It is the top VPN provider on the internet right now. It’s our first choice for almost any task that can use VPN enhancement; unblocking IMDb is no exception.

servers 5,200+ servers in 60 countries
P2P optimized servers Supports P2P servers
encryption AES-256-bit encryption
Zero-logs policy Zero-logs policy
Ad Blocker feature CyberSec ad-blocker
MultiHop mode Double VPN feature
protection DNS/IPv6 leak protection
Kill switch Automatic kill switch
simultaneous connections Up to six simultaneous connections
money-back guarantee 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Unblocks IMDb from anywhere
  • Excellent speeds and dependable connections
  • 24/7 live chat available
  • Double VPN feature will slow your connection

NordVPN is a valuable VPN service with a handful of security features, including customization, double VPN, and many other things. These features give you more control over your VPN experience as you tweak things around. So it’s the best option for the most advanced users, but it’s still friendly enough for the more average market segment.

NordVPN keeps no logs at all (which is the one policy that protects user privacy and anonymity).

Also, the server network is extensive that covers 60 countries. These also include the UK and the US, giving you plenty of choices to unlock IMDb TV anywhere outside these countries.

And there’s more. NordVPN offers specialized servers like Onion Over VPN, Double VPN, or P2P. The Onion and Double VPN servers are all about providing extra security, but, at the cost of speed. So these servers won’t be the best options to use with IMDb TV. Likewise, the P2P servers are for BitTorrent enthusiasts. 

The service offers AES 256-bit military-grade encryption, which is the industry standard. In addition, NordVPN users enjoy the benefit of CyberSec ad-blocker, which keeps your system safe from malware, pop-up, malicious links, and phishing attempts that some ads deliver on the web.

Because NordVPN supports all kinds of devices, you can see your IMDb preferred videos in anything you’d like, from a smartphone to your smart TV.

2. Surfshark


It’s a relatively new VPN provider offering top-notch service at comparatively low prices. So, if you’re strictly looking for a vendor that gives you value for money while still unblocking IMDb, look no further.

servers 3,200+ servers in 65 countries
encryption AES-256-bit encryption
P2P optimized servers P2P optimized servers
MultiHop mode MultiHop mode
protection DNS leak protection
Zero-logs policy No-logs policy
Kill switch Automatic kill switch
Ad Blocker feature CleanWeb ad-blocker
Camouflage mode Camouflage Mode
simultaneous connections Unlimited simultaneous devices
money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It does not limit the number of connections
  • Affordable
  • Good customer support
  • Speed lags on some servers

The Surfshark network spans 65 countries. Every server in the network is bare-metal and optimized to perform at the highest level, even under the most demanding tasks such as gaming and video streaming.

So if you wish to access IMDb TV outside the US or the UK, any of the appropriate servers in Surfshark will do the trick.

The VPN servers offer a private Camouflage Mode for stealth browsing. Also, they have private DNS servers, so your DNS queries remain within the secure environment. It means that you can unblock IMDb TV even within the most internet-hostile environments like China or the UAE.

The AES-256-bit encryption in Surfshark will keep you safe from any third parties. Also, the VPN protocols on offer, such as OpenVPN and IPsec/IKEv2, especially in US servers, give you more control over your VPN connectivity. You can even be safe using public WiFi hotspots with this VPN service.

And there’s still another feature in Surfshark that gives you more value for your money than any other VPN. While most top-rated VPNs on the internet will limit the number of devices you can use simultaneously to a number ranging from five to seven, Surfshark allows you to use any number of devices with one subscription.

3. ExpressVPN


It is the favorite of many VPN enthusiasts for excellent reasons. Its robust server network, tremendous speeds, and stealth technology make it great to access IMDb anywhere.

servers 3,000+ servers in 94 countries
encryption AES-256-bit encryption
protection DNS/IPv6 leak protection
P2P optimized servers P2P sharing
network lock feature Network Lock feature
Trusted servers nord TrustedServer technology
Zero-logs policy Zero-logs policy
simultaneous connections Allows up to 5 simultaneous devices
money-back guarantee 30-day money back guarantee
  • Unblock IMDb TV
  • No compromise on speed
  • 24/7 live chat customer support
  • Expensive plans

First, its network includes more than 3,000 nodes (servers) in 94 jurisdictions. Many of those nodes are inside the US and the UK, so you can have plenty of choices to use with IMDb TV.

Every server in the network supports very high-speed connections. There’s also a built-in speed test tool to let you pick the most appropriate server at any given time.

A single ExpressVPN subscription allows you to have five devices simultaneously connected to the VPN. In addition, customer support is competent and available 24/7. Last but not least, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test your IMDb TV experience with ExpressVPN for a whole month without risking your money.

Besides, ExpressVPN has many extra features to offer. But the most relevant things you’ll need as an IMDb TV user are connection stability and high speeds. We tested the network’s speeds at many nodes, and the results were nothing short of impressive.

Of course, any VPN will slow your connection down because the traffic re-routing and the encryption need some resources and time to complete. Nonetheless, while most ordinary VPNs do away with half of your bandwidth, ExpressVPN exceptionally retains high speed. 

Moreover, ExpressVPN supports a long list of devices (including routers). As mentioned earlier, you can have five devices online with the VPN simultaneously. But suppose you install ExpressVPN in your router.

The only downside with this provider is its slightly higher price than the other options in this list. However, you can get a significant discount if you commit to one of the longer-lasting plans. The good thing is that you can try ExpressVPN free before you decide to pay for it –that’s what the 30-day money-back guarantee is all about. 

Will a free VPN do the trick? Maybe no!

Our solution to watch IMDb TV video streams outside the UK and the US involves spending some money on a VPN subscription. However, since IMDb TV is a free service, you might wonder why invest money watching it. Perhaps, you might think about using free VPNs to save money.


While it sounds lucrative, using free VPNs is a terrible idea. Let us tell you why.

Poor services

This article emphasizes a VPN’s capability to spoof your online location, thus unblocking geo-restricted material. Besides, an ideal VPN should also enhance your privacy and security alongside unblocking IMDb TV shows and movies. Typically, managing these functionalities requires a fortune.

Thankfully, the paid VPNs listed above have all the resources you need to make things work smoothly.

However, free VPNs are a different thing. Most of them are short on servers and other resources. Hence, connecting to a server can take several minutes. Moreover, once you achieve the connection, it’s not stable. And the bandwidths in most of these services are very low. As a result, your video streaming experience will be either terrible or impossible.

Malware threats

You might want to enjoy the IMDb TV content only without giving much attention to your online security and privacy. Still, it isn’t wise to risk your online integrity with free VPNs merely to see IMDb TV videos when you’re away from the UK or the US.

Most free VPN providers are a considerable threat to your online anonymity, privacy, and security. That is because they are often fraught with viruses, malware, and other malicious software that will infiltrate your devices and steal your data.

No, not every free VPN is actively malicious. But even those VPNs that do not plant malware on your devices are still bad news for your privacy.

Data-logging and monetization

Precisely, keeping your online activities private in a VPN is not a technological matter alone. The vendor must support it with a firm policy of zero-log keeping. The absence of user activity records is how your VPN can guarantee it can’t share that information with a third party. And that is the problem with free VPNs.

Even the cleanest free VPNs out there do not keep zero logs. Instead, they keep a careful and detailed record of your online activities. They then sell this to their commercial partners, who know how to mine it and extract meaningful and profitable information from VPN data logs. That’s how those VPNs remain free of charge.

So, when you use a free VPN, you may get the encryption and the IP masking to protect you. But everything you do will end up in the hands of somebody, sooner or later. And that’s why even the cleanest free VPNs are a considerable threat to your online privacy and security. They’re against it! That’s how they make a buck!

So stay away from free VPNs! The options offered will give you an excellent service for a reasonable price (SurfShark is even pretty cheap), and they will never keep logs on you! Plus, all of them come with a money-back guarantee. So, you can try any of those VPNs with trust and see if you can now watch IMDb outside the US.

IMDb TV vs. What is the difference?

IMDb outside us anywhere

IMDb is a free video streaming service (supported via advertising) delivered through Amazon. It gives you audiovisual content like TV shows and films without a paid subscription. You can enjoy the content in IMDb TV with your Amazon details or log in using your Facebook account or an email address. It requires no payment card information

The other one is the Internet Movie Database ( It is one of the world’s largest film databases and probably the dominant information service where TV and movies are concerned. Earlier, the streaming site used to be available from the homepage, but that’s not the case anymore.

The platform hosts an astounding catalog of shows and moving pictures. Every genre is represented there, like old classics, newer shows, movies, or documentaries. Also, you’ll find many all-time favorites such as Bewitched, McGyver, or Malcolm in the Middle. There is a lot of quality waiting for you at IMDb TV, and it’s all free of charge.

But if you expect to get cable channels here (like other streaming services), you’ll be disappointed. Nevertheless, it still has enough good stuff to keep you entertained for ages without cable.

Access alternatives differ between the UK and the US. If you’re in the UK, you can watch the content on the Amazon website or the Fire TV app. If you’re in the US, the Amazon website will show you the content too, or you can use any of the following apps:

  • Apple (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android
  • Fire Tablet
  • Sony Playstation 4
  • Microsoft Xbox One (and Series S/X)
  • Google TV
  • LG smart TVs (models from 2018 on)
  • Comcast Xfinity X1 (and Flex)

Signing up with IMDb TV in 2022

Since IMDb TV is a free Amazon streaming service, you only need a free Amazon account to use it. (You don’t even require Amazon Prime). If you don’t have an Amazon account, follow these simple steps to get one:

  1. Get a VPN service (it has to be a commercial one; stay away from free VPNs). Our recommendation is NordVPN because its connections are stable, with high transfer speeds. So it has all you need to support an HD video stream without buffering. 
  2. Download and install the software your chosen VPN has for the device you want to use.
  3. Launch your VPN.
  4. Choose a server from the UK or the US.
  5. Point your browser to Amazon’s website. Click “Sign in” on the top right corner of your screen. You’ll reach the sign-in page. Find the “Create your Amazon account” button and click it.
  6. Provide the data for your new account. For example, type in your name, mobile number, and choose a password.
  7. Verify your account. Once you click “Continue,” you will receive an OTP (one-time-password) in the email. Enter this OTP and click “Verify.”
  8. You’re all set! Enjoy your newly unlocked IMDb TV content!

Final thoughts

We would all like access to a high-quality list of films, documentaries, and TV shows like those we can find on IMDb TV, especially if they’re free! But IMDb TV is available only for users in the UK or the US and not anywhere outside. Is that fair?

Maybe not! But IMDb TV and Amazon have commitments to honor content distribution rights and copyright. That’s why IMDb content is not on offer outside the US and the UK.

But that’s not a problem for a privacy-savvy user like yourself anymore! In this article, we’ve shown you how you can circumvent any geo-location-based restrictions in Amazon and many other websites by using a premium VPN service.

The VPNs suggested here will not only get you the access you want to that restricted content. Instead, they will also facilitate many of your other online activities. Besides, these VPNs will keep you safe at all times; protect your privacy (because they all keep zero logs), and offer many additional features.

So now that you can watch anything from IMDb TV, the privacy savvy way, tell us, which is the first show you’ll watch?


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