30 best free proxy sites to surf anonymously online in 2022

Ali Raza Last updated: June 25, 2022

Claim your online freedom and unblock all the geo-blocked sites you want to access with these free proxy sites safely and anonymously.

Sneak peek at using free proxy sites

The increasing internet censorship, geo-restrictions, and cyber-attacks seriously threaten the netizens’ online freedom. Luckily, some proxy sites offer incredible privacy and security features for free. A web proxy is the best option for secure and anonymous internet browsing. It routes the internet traffic via dedicated servers while assigning an arbitrary IP address to your device. Thus, it serves as a quick way to evade geo-restrictions and censorship. In this guide, you will find the best free proxy sites to use.

If you want to protect your online privacy without spending a penny, all you need is a reasonable free web proxy. For this, look no further as this article provides you with 30 top free proxy sites – all reliable and tested.

But why does the world need services like proxies? We hear you ask.

Today, internet users remain at risk of malware threats like botnets and ransomware attacks. Precisely, the most targeted devices include private ones like baby monitors, phones, and PCs, thus posing a continuous risk to online privacy.

Consequently, people keep looking for ways to make their online activities anonymous.

Besides, many other factors compel web users to consider surfing the internet in incognito mode.

For instance, content geo-blocking by an organization, school, or the government restricts you from accessing certain websites and information of interest. Such censorship by your university, government or other institution suppresses your internet freedom.

Another significant reason why more people turn to free proxy servers is privacy. Of course, that is a good thing; you should keep your privacy intact always.

Folks keep getting attracted to privacy tools as they do not want anyone to monitor or track them, including the Internet Service Providers (aka ISPs). That’s where the tools like proxies come into play.

However, many people get confused about web proxies and VPNs, considering them the same. Nonetheless, both are different.

If you’re also confused about the differences in functionalities when comparing a VPN vs. proxy, then look no further. With this article, you’ll find the answers to all your queries alongside getting an updated list of the top proxy sites available today.

Best proxy sites 2022 – Quick list

Are you in a rush to get straight to the top proxy websites that work? Then, check out this list of the top 10 free web-based proxies.

  • Whoer – Fastest free proxy, but it’s not web-based. It rather comes as an extension for all popular browsers.
  • CroxyProxy – Boasts advanced IP hiding technology.
  • Tor – Not a proxy technically. But it is among the most-used services by proxy users online for accessing censored and restricted websites.
  • Proxify – Not free for life but offers a free 3-day trial.
  • Ninja Cloak – Allows surfing the internet anonymously without costing anything.
  • Privoxy – Has advanced filtering facilities.
  • UnblockProxy – Excellent compatibility on both desktop and mobile devices’ browsers.
  • TurboHide – Provides added privacy features.
  • Zend2 – Best for unblocking social media platforms.
  • ProXurf – Boasts robust encryption alongside script removal capabilities.

Want to discover some more? Read along to get your hands on the complete list of the 30 best free proxies.

Heads-up: If you need to access some sensitive information, perform an online transaction, or become completely anonymous online for any reason, you should only go with a premium VPN like ExpressVPN. However, if you have an insignificant task such as accessing information blocked in your region, free proxy sites online will do the job. Also, some proxy domains are blocked for users in certain countries. In such cases, you’d need to connect to a VPN to be able to use your desired proxy.

What is an online web proxy?

A web proxy is a secure mediator between you and the websites you visit. You often do not need to sign up and log into a web proxy server before accessing any site.

A proxy server acts as a ‘go-between.’ It facilitates your internet traffic flow through it before traveling to the desired website. In this way, it communicates your request to the website, using a unique IP address different from your public IP address. It, in turn, hides your identity from the websites you visit.

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Virtual Private Network (VPN) – What is it?

The most popular, reliable, and safest way to protect your online activities is through a Virtual Private Network.

By using a virtual private network (or a VPN), you can hide your IP address, similar to a web proxy, but in a better way.

To put it simply, when you connect to your preferred VPN service provider before going online, it hides your real identity using a virtual IP address. However, the service also encrypts your data, rendering it uncompromisable as you surf the internet.

You can say robust encryption is what makes VPNs superior to web proxies.

Difference between a web proxy and Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Both VPNs and web proxies assist you in surfing the internet anonymously.

So, the question arises which option among the two is better than the other?

Although they both bypass geolocation restrictions and provide users with internet confidentiality, they have some differences. Below is a quick look at the key factors that distinguish these two services.


Virtual Private Networks, particularly the free ones, tend to be slower than proxy servers. That is because web proxies do not encrypt user information.

However, purchasing a premium VPN service ensures you enjoy a faster-online experience that is safe and secure.


Both a VPN service and free online proxy serve a similar purpose as they both act as an intermediary. Both service providers mask your IP address and respond to your requests.

Yet, Virtual Private Networks include a tunneling process that facilitates a direct and secure connection between a user and the VPN server.

At the same time, a web proxy is an open port available for internet users.

Besides, web proxy users share a single IP address while VPN users are assigned different IP addresses every time they connect to a server. While most VPN servers also have shared IPs and not dedicated ones, they offer more IP addresses than free proxy servers.


Thanks to the lesser technology costs involved for the provider compared to VPNs, web proxies are usually cheaper or even free.

Yes, VPNs are affordable nowadays (costing as little as 3.5 US dollars per month). Yet, the market is flooded by good free proxies that promise stealthy security and privacy.

Both services get the job done if you wish to access a restricted site. But using a VPN service is great if you can afford to pay a few bucks a month.

Why? Because VPNs provide the highest possible level of security, especially if you expect the service provider to take care of your digital safety and privacy.

Though there are a few reliable free VPN services in the market, users should approach them cautiously. Anything free today boasts a hidden cost; in the case of free VPNs, this cost might be your privacy.


As mentioned above, even the best online web proxy is usually less secure than VPNs.

A web proxy will only grant you access to a geo-blocked site by replacing your IP address without encrypting your data. While a quality VPN like NordVPN or ExpressVPN will do both.

Please note a VPN or any security tool alone cannot cover all your digital tracks. Some advanced methods can allow third parties to uncover your online identity.

Two such techniques include browser fingerprinting and WebRTC leaks. However, in most cases, a VPN shields you against both, at least, better than a proxy would do.

Things to consider before picking a free proxy

Things to consider before picking a proxy web

Like anything free online, free web proxies boast some constraints. But if one needs to access the blocked content for a quick session or short-term anonymity online, web proxies serve a good purpose.

Of course, every proxy service claims to be the best, which isn’t the case. Therefore, you should research well before picking one to use.

Here are a few key points to consider before choosing a free proxy service.

Reliability of the proxy provider

Reputation is everything. The first thing you should consider in a free web proxy website is its credibility. Besides carrying a risk of adware and other malware, untested or unknown proxies might not perform as advertised.

Servers offered

Among the proxy features, the first thing you need to check is the variety and number of servers. The more, the better.

Also, your chosen proxy service should have servers near your location. That’s because a nearby server will likely offer faster internet speeds, which you might not get when connected to a distant server.

You should be skeptical if a proxy site doesn’t provide servers detail or allow you to pick them by yourself. However, it isn’t a weird behavior since even some of the best free proxies do not offer server selection.

Here again, the reputation comes in. If other people have had a satisfactory experience with the service, you might be okay with letting the proxy service automatically choose a server for you.


Alongside hiding your IP address, a top free web proxy should offer some additional customizability, too. For instance, look for the options to disable cookies, encrypt page content and URLs, and block objects and scripts.

Fortunately, most web proxies in this post boast these additional security features and customizability. Hence, you can expect to get decent protection online when using these proxies without paying anything.

But remember, if you fancy the absolute best protection tool, nothing beats a top-quality VPN.

Ironically, you might even need a premium VPN to unblock proxy sites sometimes. However, that’s mostly at places like schools and offices since they often block proxy servers.

Note: Since proxies merely unblock sites and hide one’s IP address, they are not an alternative to VPNs. In cases where you need absolute protection online or a proxy asks you to upgrade, you should better use a tested VPN like ExpressVPN.

Top 30 free web proxies in the market today (all working)

Now that you’ve learned all the basics, it is time to jump onto the list of top proxy websites that you can use. You will also find some necessary details about each handpicked (and tested) free proxy site online listed here. Let’s dive in.

1. Whoer

Whoer free proxy

Voted as one of the best web proxy servers in the world today by users, Whoer is more than your typical free web proxy.

Apart from the usual web proxy security functions, Whoer allows users to change their IP addresses faster than most other rival proxies.

Aside from providing fast speed, the Whoer proxy network allows users to test their internet speeds. It also allows you to follow the information on specific websites and run ping tests to determine server response times.

Users are allowed to choose between nine proxy servers scattered in European countries and the United States.

Whoer is not a web-based free proxy online. Instead, it’s available as a browser extension that you need to add to your respective browser. It is available for Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Yandex browsers.

2. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy best

This web-based proxy service allows users to conduct their online activities in incognito mode. CroxyProxy ensures your security and privacy are unbreakable by hackers and spies. The proxy does that all using its advanced IP hiding technology.

Generally, CroxyProxy bears a user-friendly interface. While using this service, all it takes is to paste the URL of the target website to unblock it. The service also offers a premium proxy that delivers an ad-free experience.

Based on your country, you might receive an error message such as “this website cannot be reached” when accessing CroxyProxy. If so, you can either connect to a VPN first to unblock it or turn to its Chrome extension to use the proxy that way.

3. Tor

Tor 600x300

As one of the most trusted web proxy services, the Tor browser is popular among users who want to hide their identity online, especially while accessing blocked websites.

Technically speaking, Tor is not a free web proxy site. It instead is a free project that envisions protecting general users’ privacy and security. Also, it offers uncensored and unrestricted access to websites to all users globally.

With Tor, users can easily mask their IP addresses and original location online.

4. Proxify.com

Proxify 600x300

Proxify ensures user anonymity by directing internet traffic through encrypted connections. It works on all major web browsers and operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The service is not entirely free. Instead, it’s a pro proxy with a free 3-day trial. With this proxy, you can choose from over 1000 different servers worldwide. Agreeably, that vast pool of proxy servers can help access blocked websites quickly.

5. Ninja Cloak

NinjaProxy 600x300

Next on this free proxy list is Ninja Cloak, which has now been moved to proxysite.cloud. It is a free website that allows you to surf the internet incognito by masking your IP address.

Besides, Ninja Cloak Proxy also creates a barrier between you and the visited website. That protects you from hackers, trojans, worms, and other malicious stuff online.

6. Privoxy.org

Privoxy 600x300

Privoxy is another customizable free proxy that boasts advanced filtering facilities. Specifically, it allows users to enhance privacy by modifying HTTP headers, web page data and controlling access. Plus, this free program also helps remove obnoxious internet junk, such as ads.

Being licensed under the GNU GPLv2, this proxy is free software offering dedicated apps for both multi-user networks and stand-alone systems.

7. UnblockProxy.me

UnblockProxy 600x300

Being a simple web proxy, UnblockProxy.me acts as an intermediary server between a user and the internet by changing its original geographical location. That allows users to access blocked websites in a particular jurisdiction.

This proxy works on smartphones, PCs, and all devices equally well.

8. TurboHide.org

TurboHide 600x300

TurboHide is another free web proxy service that not only hides your IP address but also offers an SSL encryption feature for better privacy.

9. Zend2

Zend2 600x300

Zend2 is among the best free proxy websites for social media platforms, including YouTube and Facebook.

While not all web proxies available today support social platforms, Zend2 does. That is because it runs on the online anonymous online casino server.

If you are up to watching videos on the Google-owned video-sharing platform Youtube, this is probably the best (and straightforward to use) unblock YouTube proxy you can have.

10. ProXurf


ProXurf offers users some encryption and script removal capabilities on top of enabling them to unblock all blocked websites free of charge.

11. Megaproxy

MegaProxy 600x300

Megaproxy is a unique free proxy service. It masks users’ IP addresses and hides the browser and the operating system from prying eyes online (at least as it claims).

12. VPNBook Proxy

VPNBook 600x300

VPNBook is a robust proxy service offered by a fine VPN service provider.

It provides users with encrypted connections with different IP addresses that support HTTPS.

13. Hidester Proxy

HideSter 600x300

Hidester is a free web proxy with a Chrome extension that allows limited proxy locations similar to Hide.me.

As with other proxies, Hidester allows you to bypass geo-restrictions. It also supports SSL encryption and ensures user protection from malicious programs and scripts.

14. XRoxy.com

Roxy 600x300

The XRoxy website allows users to hide their IP addresses and access blocked sites easily.

It offers a wide range of unique IP addresses and locations that allow users to access any restricted content.

15. NewIPNow.com

NewIPNow 600x300

As the name suggests, NewIPNow allows users to select a new IP address that fits their preferences.

It does not choose an IP address automatically but offers its users the liberty to select a foreign IP address that best suits them.

16. FilterByPass

FilterBypass 600x300

FilterByPass.me is a web proxy suitable for video sites, providing quick incognito access to several popular platforms.

Being among the top proxy sites for Youtube and other video portals, it supports the leading streaming platforms. The sites include Facebook, YouTube, NowVideo, and DailyMotion, to name a few.

The best thing about this fast and free proxy is it offers a free Chrome extension.

17. Dontfilter.us

DontFilter 600x300

Dontfilter.us offers its users five outstanding online privacy enhancement options.

Its features include page encryption, URL encryption, and object removal. You can also enable or disable cookies alongside eliminating scripts on a page.

While it is an easy-to-use service, it has a major flaw. The site lacks an SSL certificate, which means your traffic might remain exposed when you use it).

Therefore, you should only use this service for accessing non-sensitive information online.

18. ProxyScrape


ProxyScrape’s anonymous proxy is an incredible collection of web proxies allowing users to enjoy the best anonymous browsing experience.

On top of enabling users to access the blocked sites, the site boasts fast speeds and customizability. You can connect to any HTTP, Socks4, or Socks5 proxy by choosing one from the lists of proxies available here.

Unlike most sites listed above, it automatically deploys all the security features without requiring your input. The features include URL encryption, page encryption, and scripts, and object removal. It also allows you to enable/disable cookies.

Like many other options on the list, this one might also be blocked by your ISP if you’re in a heavily censored country such as China, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan (to name a few). In that case, you’ll need to connect to a VPN first and then visit the site.

19. SSLSecureProxy.com


SSLSecureProxy is a fast proxy site with no bandwidth limitations. Like other best proxies listed in this article, SSLSecureProxy helps bypass firewalls and internet filters securely and anonymously. That means you get to avoid blocks imposed by offices, schools, or countries.

In essence, the service ensures your online activities remain private while surfing through their servers. It also claims to implement a no-logs policy, and any user data gets automatically deleted within 2 hours.

20. 4everproxy.com

4Everproxy 600x300

4everproxy is one of the best free proxy sites for videos. It helps you unblock YouTube and other videos.

The service changes your geographical location without compromising speeds that much.

21. KProxy.com

Kproxy 600x300

KProxy is an ad-free web proxy that is portable and free. The proxy is available as an extension on the leading internet browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome.

KProxy also offers KProxy Browser for users who do not have Firefox or Chrome. KProxy Browser is a downloadable portable Firefox browser configured with the KProxy Extension.

22. AnonyMouse.org

Anonymouse 600x300

AnonyMouse is yet another good quality free web proxy. It is a multilingual proxy and also has a premium version. As one can understand, the paid version offers users enhanced privacy and security options.

23. Hide.me Proxy

Hideme 600x300

Hide.me is a premium VPN service provider. It offers a free web proxy that does not store any of your databases or IP addresses for a long time.

The premium VPN services that the firm offers to the users save them from popup windows and annoying advertisements.

When compared with all other popular web proxies, Hide.me Proxy has emerged as the fastest free web proxy. The provider has made a name for keeping users anonymous online already.

24. HideMyAss

HideMyAss 600x300

HideMyAss Proxy is the best web proxy option available today as far as the popularity among users is concerned.

HMA is probably the oldest web proxy available on the internet.

It is a collection of VPN proxies from all corners of the world. Like Hide.me, HMA offers both VPN and proxy services to its customers.

25. ProxySite.com

Proxysite 600x300

ProxySite.com is another quality free web proxy offering premium VPN options alongside its wide array of services.

On top of standard features that other best proxies in this list boast, ProxySite offers some advanced features, too.

You can make changes in the ‘Settings’ tab on ProxySite to set your preferred browser that you want the target site to see. This means you can fake your browser alongside masking IP addresses with ProxySite.

26. ProxFree.com

ProxFree 600x300

ProxFree is an authoritative free anonymous proxy site offering four servers in Europe and seven in North America. It serves a wide geographical area with robust security.

27. FreeProxy.Win


FreeProxy.Win lets its users choose one of its 13 proxy servers spread across the US and UK.

With this relatively new but promising free proxy site, you also have the option of picking a random IP.

28. Weboproxy.com

Weboproxy Tor-powered proxy

Weboproxy is a Tor-powered web proxy that enables users to access the blocked sites with additional security online.

It is a compelling proxy option as you get the opportunity to surf any website either with Tor on or off.

29. Anonymizer/nntime.com

Anonymizer nntime.com

Anonymizer is a free and reliable web proxy list provider. It features proxies operating around filters that help unblock social media platforms. Users also use it to access video streaming websites like Facebook and YouTube.

30. GenMirror.com

GenMirror 600x300

The last on this list of free web proxies is GenMirror. Designed to be a YouTube unblocker, it is the preferred proxy for binge-watchers.

Hold on, where can I get a Netflix proxy?

You should better not waste your time and energy searching for a proxy to unblock Netflix.

Why? We hear you ask.

First up, Netflix filters and detectors are hard to fool. As soon as you access it using a free Netflix proxy, it won’t take the giant media services and production firm to find out that you are spoofing your real location.

Netflix detects that you’re using a proxy and blocks your streaming session within 5-10 minutes at max. (That stands true as per our experience and extensive tests.) Hence, you get that annoying Netflix proxy error to ruin your streaming experience.

Secondly, on top of getting caught, remember that free web proxies are not entirely safe. And your Netflix account boasts your data, including credit or debit card details, that you can’t afford to lose at the hands of perpetrators.

So it is advisable to never log into your Netflix account under a proxy site.

Instead of turning to free Netflix proxies, you can opt for reputed VPN services. Use a top Netflix VPN such as ExpressVPN or NordVPN to access Netflix content that you cannot watch in your country otherwise.

Is there any Pirate Bay proxy for me?

You probably have heard about TPB (The Pirate Bay), or perhaps you visit the site regularly. Since Pirate Bay is the biggest torrent website globally, that is not a surprise.

However, there is no guarantee that you can use Pirate Bay whenever you wish to download some new music, e-books, software, movies, or other content.

At times, the website may be down for some unknown reason. But mostly, it is blocked for users deliberately by the concerned authorities.

Your ISP might block traffic to TPB purposefully for limiting your access to copyrighted content depending on your location.

Internet service providers also throttle your torrent downloads to control the amount of data you can transfer using torrent websites like TPB or Pirate Bay alternative sites in a specific timeframe.

Most free proxies mentioned above won’t work with Pirate Bay and other torrent portals. That is because even the best torrent websites bring in serious heat from authorities worldwide.

So, for people who want to access torrent sites such as TPB, below is a list of Pirate Bay proxies:

  • piratebay-tracker.org
  • piratebay-tracker.com
  • the-pirate-bay.net
  • 1-thepiratebay.org/en
  • pirate-bay.online
  • piratebay.co.com/en
  • tpb-proxy.org/en
  • torrentscan.com/pirate-bay

Note: We have picked the Pirate Bay proxies listed above after thoroughly testing numerous proxies. These are all secure (use SSL) and fast. Also, the article is updated regularly as we keep testing all the proxies and replace any that stops working.

Drawbacks of proxy sites

Regardless of which free proxy you pick, you will always face some limitations.

You might notice that you could encrypt only a specific number of cookies each month. And the worst thing about these proxies (especially free ones) is, that you get to face traffic limits.

Another notable disadvantage of proxies is that they sometimes make a site display inappropriately, blocking certain elements to keep you safe.

Whether paid or free, all proxy sites only suffice to unblock a specific amount of content and get around firewalls. However, you cannot access all the blocked sites with proxies.

Also, they cannot guarantee you protection against your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or hackers’ monitoring. Also, with free proxies, you always risk your activities to online tracking.

Moreover, you may also experience the following disadvantages of proxies:

  • They offer only very basic privacy protection.
  • You cannot access blocked sites without needing to access web proxy first.
  • Not all sites can be unblocked.
  • Limited servers and traffic restrictions.
  • You usually experience bad performance.

If you want robust protection from hackers, malware, and monitoring, you might want to better opt for a premium VPN such as ExpressVPN or Surfshark.

In many aspects, a VPN is the best tool for privacy protection that lets you unblock Youtube or any other site on the planet securely. That is because a VPN hides your IP alongside encrypting all internet traffic, thus keeping your online activities anonymous all the time.


All the proxy services listed above are good options to consider when choosing a reliable proxy site for your short-term secure browsing session.

Yet, even the very best free proxy sites online are inferior to virtual private networks (VPNs). That is because they cannot offer 100 percent anonymity.

If you wish to know about VPNs in detail, please read this beginners’ VPN guide.

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